Innovation and quality:
our strengths!

Our mission is to provide high-quality solutions in the field of drilling equipment and hydraulic cylinders, combining experience and innovation to meet the specific needs of our customers.

We are committed to ensuring the durability and reliability of our products, offering excellent service that includes pre- and post-sales support, timely deliveries, and meticulous attention to design. Our dedication to customization and technological excellence allows us to be a trusted partner for businesses in the industry.


Our vision is to become the global leader in the field of drilling equipment and hydraulic cylinders, recognized for our ability to innovate and provide customized solutions that enhance our customers’ efficiency and productivity.

We aim to be a benchmark for quality, sustainability, and reliability, contributing to the development and growth of the industry with a steadfast commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Certified Quality Processes

The management and production system for hydraulic cylinders and drilling accessories is essential and effective in achieving a quality product. Introducing a new concept, such as process management, into a traditional organization requires leveraging both structural changes, such as teamwork, and cultural changes, through increased individual responsibility.

Implementing innovative process approaches of this magnitude is certainly not easy, as shared resources are used, the process is transversal across the organization and therefore more challenging to manage, and the art of molding the team is more demanding than that of the individual.

Working by processes requires great maturity, and Maurizio Sgolastra, a person keen to grasp the ever-changing and continuous market transformations, believes in quality processes and consolidates SGOLASTRA S.R.L. with ISO 9001 certification.

The certification marks an important milestone in the company’s evolution, allowing the validation of the company philosophy—satisfaction of current and future customers. It affirms how essential it is to place a seal of transparency on daily production dynamics, which start from design and go through testing and the packing/shipping phase, supported by our valuable human capital assisted by high-standard technological tools.


"Certification is not a destination but a necessary step towards greater transparency..."

Maurizio Sgolastra