certificato rina
certificato iso 9001
The system for the management and production of hydraulic cylinders and drilling accessories is fundamental and effective in order to obtain quality products.
The introduction within a traditional organisation of a new concept, such as management in the form of processes requires intervention in terms of both structural changes, such as teamwork, and cultural changes, in other words giving every employee greater responsibility.


Approaching business using innovative processes of this scope was definitely no easy feat, because shared resources are used, the processes apply across all levels of the organisation, and are therefore more difficult to manage. Keeping an entire team in check is harder work than simply managing individuals.


Working according to processes requires a great deal of maturity and Maurizio Sgolastra, a person who cares deeply about implementing the ever-different changes the market continuously undergoes, believes in quality processes and has consolidated SGOLASTRA S.R.L. with the ISO 9001 certification.


This certification marks a significant milestone in our company’s development, to achieve the satisfaction of current and future customers, confirming how important it is to apply a seal of transparency to our everyday production dynamics, starting with design planning through to testing and packaging/shipping, via our precious human capital aided by tools with superior technological standards.

Certification is not a goal in itself but a necessary step towards greater transparency…” (quote by Maurizio Sgolastra).