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The production of hydraulic cylinders

The hydraulic cylinders and their components are products of our core business. The cylinders of our production include standard, single and double effect, diving and telescopic. Thanks to our experience, we are able to satisfy requests for the production of customized cylinders on specific customer request, for more information please see our page of special hydraulic cylinders or (custom).

What is

The hydraulic cylinders consist of an empty cylindrical body (a barrel), rectified inside; and a piston or stem, consisting of a solid round, rectified outside.

The stem flows inside the cylinder due to the pressure exerted by a fluid contained inside the cylinder. A piston is generally equipped with eyelet connections at the 2 ends, in which a suitable pin is inserted to connect it, through a special system (generally a U-fork) to the mechanical organ to be governed (such as controlling the boom movements of excavators used for earthmoving).

Often the system consisting of piston and cylinder is simply called “piston” or “cylinder”, thus indicating the entire system with the name of a part of it. In particular we talk about hydraulic cylinder (or hydraulic piston) in case the fluid inside the cylinder is a liquid (generally hydraulic oil), while we talk about pneumatic cylinder (or pneumatic piston) in case the fluid inside the cylinder is a gas (generally air). (Source: WIKIPEDIA)


Accessories and hydraulic cylinders

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Standard cylinders

Standard hydraulic cylinders are produced in series, according to common standard sizes.

Special cylinders

The special hydraulic cylinder is made upon customer request with customized sizes.

Standard parts

Standard components have common measurements





The Hydraulic Cylinder as a strong point

Over time, thanks to a human capital of prestigious value, the realization of hydraulic cylinders has acquired a production volume that distinguishes us in the market, both from a technical and design point of view, that from the productive one that ends with the painstaking testing of the cylinder by our staff.

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