Revolving clamp break-out bench

Tool for unscrewing hydraulic cylinders

Revolving clamp break-out bench

The tool, part of the drilling accessories product range, is a bench vise for rod unscrewing used in workshops to handle tightening and loosening of large objects such as down-the-hole hammers. It is also essential for the maintenance and repair of hydraulic cylinders, allowing for tightening and rotating large threaded parts as needed.

Key features include:

  • Hardened sliding guides
  • Dual rail for perfect 30° rotation (tightening/loosening)
  • Greasable at any point
  • Bolted components for interchangeability
  • Ability to separate the rod unscrewing function from the clamping function
  • Drawer for storing tools and objects
  • Customizable control unit
  • Includes 4 vises: 2 hydraulic and 2 manual

Bench vise BM305

The BM305 vice installed on the bench consists of a clamping part and another part that performs clamping and unscrewing functions. These two parts can be moved apart manually by loosening the bolts underneath the guide, or hydraulically by operating a control lever.

The BM305 bench vise is available in two versions:

Bench vise with manual adjustment

Hydraulic bench vise

BM630 bench vise

The BM630 bench vise, built with sturdy metalwork, unscrews and screws cylindrical threaded parts with diameters ranging from 80 to 630 mm and lengths from 1200 to 4000 mm.


The BM630 bench vise is divided into two zones

Zone A

Zone "A": Central unit group, which develops an operating pressure of 250 bar and a flow rate of 60 l/min, composed as follows:

- Tank capacity 150 liters;
- Electric motor 30 kW - 4 poles - 400/690 V - 50 Hz;
- Distributor with 10 levers, including 2 free;
- 6 solenoid valves;
- 3 manual regulators.

Zone B

Zone "B": Vise group consisting of two vises capable of unscrewing diameters from 80mm up to 630mm. Zone B is composed of:

- Vises ø80 - ø630;
- Fixed and movable support;
- 2 sliding guides;
- 3 manual regulators;
- Hydraulic piping in iron and rubber.


Remote control

Remote control or mobile control panel allows remote control of all functions of the bench vise.

Mobile supports

The supports allow aligning the center of the rod with the vises, facilitating and refining the unscrewing/screwing work.

Pressure gauges

The pressure gauges verify and enable adjustment of the cylinder pressure for the vise.

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