grout injection pump

The grout injection pump is a tool used to inject cement grout into damaged or unsafe structures, cast micropiles and pre-compressed structures. It can also be used for consolidating or waterproofing walls, rocks, dams, tunnels, and also to pump special products and, last but not least, for anchors.


We make two types of different shaped injectors: a standard one and a compact one. The former consists of a cylinder situated above the injector, whereas the latter consists of two standard side cylinders; they both offer the same technical features and have an adjustable flow rate of up to 120 l/min.

standard 60 l/min.

pompa iniezione cemento standard

compact 60 l/m

pompa iniezione cemento compatta

compact 120 l/m

pompa iniezione cemento baiocca
The grout injection pump: the design features and the painstaking care taken with the treatments which the components subject to wear undergo make this range of injectors a reliable and efficient tool in tough jobs, as they can operate 24/7.

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